branding and design


“Ruschka has played a pivotal role in refining the visual language of PICHULIK. She is a great listener, and through this is able to intuit and distill the true purpose and meaning of the brand and materialising it within its visual language. Her approach is sensitive and cohesive, of which she delivers with great professionalism and accuracy. It is an absolute pleasure to have Ruschka as an extended part of the PICHULIK DNA.” – Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Owner and Creative Director


As their dedicated freelance designer I have been working with Pichulik for the past four years. Under the lead of owner and founder, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, I have helped to developed their visual language to reflect their ethos and strengthen their relationship with their customers.


My main design responsibilities for Pichulik include design and layout of seasonal lookbooks, linesheets and marketing collateral. Newsletter design and send out via Mailchimp. Design of monthly banners for their website. Maintaining and ensuring brand consistency through all communications.

Photography by

Alix-Rose Cowie, Michael-Oliver Love