how much do you charge?


This all depends on your needs. For smaller projects, I charge an hourly rate and for larger projects I charge a project fee. Why a project fee? Due to years of design experience I can achieve a lot in an hour and as a result, often when charging an hourly rate I am not being fairly compensated for my work.

My branding package can be tailored based on your needs and budget. From just a logo design to a full corporate identity that includes business cards, letterheads, email signatures, presentations etc.

i need a logo and branding, what packages do you offer?


A start up package includes all the assets I believe you need to effectively start branding your business. This includes a logo in a horizontal, stacked and badge design; font styles and pairings, complimentary color palette, a one page brand guide on best practice. You will receive everything you need to implement your brand.

A business package includes the application of the above to all your corporate stationery such as email signatures, business cards, letterhead and invoice templates. You can also choose to add presentation templates, newsletter templates, social media templates, brochure design, packaging design etc.

what is the difference between a logo and a brand?


A logo is a graphic mark that consists of your business’ name and is often accompanied by an icon or illustration. It can also include a slogan.


A brand is much more than just a logo mark, it is the perception others have of your business. That perception is built through communicating the heart of your business. It is the visualisation of your why-behind-the-what. It should cultivate a community who not only buy into your product or service, but your vision and ethos. It is the experience and value your audience gains from being part of your community.

do you handle the printing of my project?


Yes I do so on request and quote you on the production depending on the complexity of your project. From dealing with the printers, helping you choose a suitable paper and printing technique as well as proofing samples and ensuring you meet your deadline.

can i edit my artwork?


Yes. Once the final invoice has been settled, I transfer all source files and other relevant formats to you. All source files are created using the most recent Adobe Creative Suite so you will need the software to edit your source files.

what if i don’t like what you have created?


This hardly ever happens due to my design process. A clear creative brief and concept usually ensures desired results. That is why the first phase of the design process is so important. But in the event that you aren’t happy, consider what exactly it is about the design or illustration that you don’t like. Is it the color? The font I have used? Let’s look at it together and talk through your concerns. If you decide that the concept and creative route we decided on initially isn’t working anymore, then we might need to consider going back to the phase one and starting over.

i am not based in cape town, south africa, can you still work on my project?


Most definitely. I have clients who are based all over the world, including the United States, Switzerland and India. I use Skype, WhatsApp and email to communicate with them and have never found it to be an issue.