hello, nice to meet you.

Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Ruschka and I love my job. I get to use my creativity to solve design problems and articulate a person or brand’s essence through visual design. That includes everything from logo designs and brand identities to email marketing and custom illustrations.


What sets me apart is that I am a self taught artist and illustrator, two practices that inform my design aesthetic and allows me to create unique work.


With over 12 years of experience, I confidently and professionally navigate the design process, delivering work that is of a high standard. I would describe my design aesthetic as emotive, gentle and feminine.


I get excited about working with individuals that want to remain true to themselves and create work that honors their purpose. I truly believe that when we find what is unique to us and follow that, we will attract the right people and opportunities along the way.


I am also an artist using this platform as a storefront for all the things I make.